+ I’ve never done this before. Where do I start?

+ What do I need for the first meeting?

+ I’ve had my initial consultation, now what?

+ How does DG Construction know what to quote without having a complete architectural plans?

+ What if we want to make changes to the proposal?

+ Do I need architectural plans?

+ What are your payment terms?

+ How long before work can start?

+ How long will my job take?

+ What does DG Construction NOT provide?

+ Who will supervise my job?

+ What if I have a problem, concern or a question during the project?

+ Does DG Construction use subcontractors?

+ What if I want to use my own subcontractors?

+ How is clean-up and removal of construction debris handled?

+ What happens if my family has a special occasion or holiday during the construction process?

+ After my project is complete, if I have a question, or a problem is DG Construction available to me?

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