Whether you already have plans or not, are clear of your building requirements or not, our solution will work well for your building project.

You will receive the attention to detail we’ve become well known for; from the Quotation stage through to completion of the project. While taking care of the details, we keep things simple, clean and thorough.

Our complete Construction Program includes:

  • A firm contract price and project specifications.
  • Detailed ‘Turnkey’ i.e.. start to finish building schedule.
  • Necessary approvals and pre-requisite activities such as Local Authority, Architect and Engineer, etc.
  • Ordering and scheduling of building materials and trades.
  • Pre-construction meeting introducing key personnel and review of Project details.
  • A dedicated Project Manager & our dedicated team of professionals to complete your project .
  • Clean and safe work area.
  • Signed project Variation-Orders confirming any changes you make.
  • Daily contact with your dedicated Project Manager.
  • 3 Month Retention and our personal Guarantee for all works undertaken.
  • Quality workmanship and complete customer satisfaction is our commitment to you.



  • Pre-construction
    • We use methods for estimating and budgeting that are designed to add value, saving our clients time and money. We adopt a transparent approach in our pricing. The extensive work performed in the planning phase pays off in savings during the course of construction and completion. 

      We know that proper management is not just good business, it’s honorable business. We strive to use only Qualified subcontractors. We have developed the reputation for treating subcontractors with integrity and fairness. Such subcontractors are screened and through the use of detailed bidding and procurement processes we save on costs, – a double- plus for our clients.

      This high level of performance reflects our sense of personal ownership that has become the hallmark of DG Construction.

  • Construction
    • We maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our construction through tested processes and by being innovative.

      Since many of our projects are complex and include sophisticated systems, our Construction Managers coordinate all scheduling activities throughout the pre-construction and construction phases of the project, and develop schedules with our project teams.

      The Construction Schedule identifies the durations and interrelationships of construction periods. This schedule is distributed internally to DG Construction Foremen and to the Subcontractors so that they can effectively plan and execute their work.

      One of our founding principles at DG Construction is to provide the highest quality finished product to our Clients. First and foremost, attaining this goal begins with quality people. As always, we seek Staff and Subcontractors who have established reputations and proven track records for quality.  

  • Project Completion
    • Time to hand over the keys, and shake hands.  

      DG Construction begins project completion during the pre-construction phase, seeking ways to plan the transition from active project to occupied building.  

      We strive to make the  completion and occupation of a building as efficient as we can. With good scheduling, and effective quality control, we simplify and expedite completion.

      Heading into project warranty, DG Construction will ensure that any work that proves defective or deficient is corrected. Our history of repeat business is testament to our responsiveness and the long-term support we provide to our clients.